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About us

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Get to know us

We are a married couple Csongor Zeitler and Imola Flóra Zeitler-Borsos from Budapest. We are coming from different backgrounds but we know for some time now that we'd like to do some creative work together. The artistic inclination has always been there and the urge for creating something long lasting. This is how some years ago we found photography which has unlocked great energies in us since each and every photo bears the imprint of our styles in it. We both love purity and naturalness.
We hope that you like the simplistic view what our photos represent.

Cheers: The Zeitlers



Our philosophy

Everybody deserves the photos of their life so our goal with every single photoshoot is to create a long-lasting value which you can happily look back on - even with your grandchildren. Each and every photo has its own story and our job is to freeze these moments in a frame forever as authentically as possible.

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Fotó & Styling

The importance of accessories

It's invisibly there in every picture, it blends into its environment and it fits into the whole concept. It's not aggressive nor ostentatious, unnoticeably highlights and completes our subject.


It’s hard to imagine how incomplete a photo could be without it. It shouldn't be overdone but sometimes nothing is enough, too; the artist must feel when the composition is complete.

Let it be any kind of subject, contact us and we'll make the whole styling of your scene or site.

Ways we can help you


Web design

Quality website design

A nicely composed catchy website is a must in todays business world. If you don't have a well-developed responsive homepage you'll cause yourself a tremendous disadvantage. Creating such an exclusive website is not an easy task but if you hire us for the job you won't have to worry about the technical details anymore so you can concentrate on your business 100%.

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