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Photography and Styling

Professzionális gasztro- és eseményfotó

Food Photography

It’s not a secret that gastronomy is our passion so it's needless to say that we photograph our own creations, too. As we see it, nowadays, in order to stand out from the competitors it’s almost inevitable for a modern restaurant to share sumptuous, high quality photos with unique visualization on social media.
If you'd like to have such pictures for your cafe or restaurant, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Product Photography

The mood and atmosphere of a picture is a crucial aspect for us so it helps a great deal if the product has a nice design already. They also must represent value and convey quality, too. If your business keeps these principles in mind and you would like to work with us - get in contact and we'll create that photo series for you which will lift your brand's look to the next level.

Minőségi gasztro- és eseményfotó csak neked!

A sneak peek

Csillag Evelyn - Serendipity mívei

It's so inspiring to watch your works and I love that strong mood you deliver with every single picture. Sometimes, I even feel the flavours of those desserts just by watching then I feel like I want to bake, too.

Stumpf Ágnes

I'm still completely mesmerized by one of your cake photos hanging on the wall in our dining room. It's like a painting, well-composed, vivid and elegant! Just like your other pictures. I can only recommend you!

Boroszlói Andrea

Rustic elements which are not overdone. Their pictures are just as beautiful as Nature itself!

Szabó Mária

I can't wait for the first day of each month to turn one page on that calendar which I put together from your beautiful photos and see my grandchildren smiling back to me. They look so real and cheerful like they were just playing in my living room. Thank you for that!


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